Volunteer With Us

We are always looking for new volunteers to join our efforts, either as a full board members, or as part of our committees for certain projects.

Committee structure and repsonsibility:

1) Budget and Finance (executive committee) Rhea, Barb, Jane, Carolyn, Michael
develop annual budget and oversee a fund drive to include the following sub-committees 

a) Membership & Sponsorships Jane, Michael

b) Grant writing Barb

c) Special fund-raising events & projects (will be formed as need arises)

2) Marketing / Publicity Tony, Katie
develop a marketing plan for the season, maintain and update our online presence, advertizing

3) Programming
develop a season of activities to include activities organized by sub-committees
work with Budget & Finance to develop a budget for each event

a) Concert series selection & coordination Ron, Michael

b) Artists in Schools residency Cindy, Carolyn

c) Tales on the River (summer 2019) Barb, Cindy

d) Art show (April 2019) Cathi, Carol Schneiderhahn 

e) Rooster Rush (Oct. 2019) Cathi, Carol Schneiderhahn 

f) Other events (will be formed as need arises)


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